Wetenschap - 5 januari 1995

Church Changes Location

Church Changes Location

On Sunday February 5th 1995, the first celebration of worship in the new location de Wereld Generale Foulkesweg 1 will be held by the Ecumenical Student Chaplaincy. This is a move from the former location, the IAC building (International Agriculture Centre). It marks a new initiative whereby every first Sunday of the month Dutch and foreign churchgoers will have the oppportunity to come together in one service. Both English and Dutch will play a part throughout the service.

For the remaining Sundays in the month, English Ecumenical services will be held at de Wereld, and the Dutch services will be in the Bevrijdingskerk as usual. According to Pastor Joost Beemster of the Ecumenical Student Chaplaincy, the idea behind the new location is to attract a wider public including foreigners who are not necessarily students. This more central location offers increased seating and the option of a piano.

He also acknowledges that the decision to move out of the IAC building was in part due to the managements's feeling that if the Ecumenical Service was to encourage a wider attendance in the IAC building, it might compromise the sense of home for the students there. In the past the services have been held in the IAC building, with the Evangelical Chaplaincy alternating Sundays with the Ecumenical group. The Evangelical Chaplaincy will remain at the IAC and continue with their services.