Nieuws - 11 mei 1995

Agrarian Questions Parallel Sessions Open

Agrarian Questions Parallel Sessions Open

The Agrarian Questions International Congress, taking place in Wageningen May 22-24, includes a series of parallel sessions which will be free of charge and open to the public.

According to organizer Kees Jansen, The congress is not structured around disciplines or regions, but aims to discuss political and theoretical questions regarding the changing position and organisation of agricultural production." He added, Although there is limited space for the main congress sessions, those not already registered may contact the Agrarian Questions Congress for more information on costs. We have separate rates for students." (For more information telephone 82029). Those not attending the main conference, but interested in parallel sessions, are welcome to participate in the following:

Monday May 22nd at 20.00, in the IAC building:
  • White Begins: Moves and Countermoves in Agriculture.
    Workshops will be held on new tasks and new changes (changes in farm activities and gender relations), Structural Adjustment Programmes and gender, Chain reactions (on marketing strategies and farmers initiatives) and Louping LEISA (a closer look at LEISA, including a discussion with Andres Yurjevic [Chili] and Sirajul Haque [Bangladesh] on agricultural concepts and small farmers strategies). Susanna Hecht (University of California) will introduce the workshops.

    Tuesday May 23rd at 20.00, in the IAC building:
  • Black Wins? The WAU Plays on the ChessBoard.
    A panel discussion with Bina Agarwal (India), Kees Karssen (rector of the WAU), Arie Sanders (Student WAU) and Paul Richards (Professor WAU). This session will be chaired by Niels Roling (WAU) on the topic of the role of agricultural sciences in contemporary agricultural processes.

    Monday May 22nd at 20.00, in the IAC building:
  • Professor Paul Richards will interview Professor Anil Gupta.
    (Indian Institute of Administration), involved in international debates on biodiversity and intellectual property rights and a proponent of the farmer first paradigm. Public discussion to follow.

    Wednesday May 24th at 9.00, in the IAC building:
  • There will be a panel discussion on where biotechnology is taking us.
    Panel members are Dr. Stephen Hughes (director of research for Plant Breeding International Ltd., Cambridge, UK), Dr. Joyce Tait (Director of the Research and Advisory Sciences Directorate, Scottish Natural Heritage) and Professor Wiebe Bijker (University of Limburg).