News - December 8, 2016

2016 in 20 questions (and 80 answers)

Roelof Kleis

Was it a duck that brought ornithologists flocking to the Wageningen campus from all over the Netherlands? And what has René van der Gijp got to do with our WE-pods? Yes, what exactly went on this year? Do the end-of-year quiz and let the whole year pass before your mind’s eye. Twenty questions, eighty answers. In most cases, only one is right. If you can’t figure it out, or you’re just too lazy to look it up, the answers are at the bottom of this page

1.   ‘I have never felt so white before’. Who said this?

a.    Student Els van Coeverden, à propos of her internship on the Dutch island of Sint Eustatius

b.    Cyclist Niels van der Pijl reacts spontaneously after winning in the Tour de Congo

c.    The Chimney Piet looks back on his performance for staff association De Binding

d.   Ex-rector Martin Kropff is happy to be back on familiar stamping grounds again

2.   How the receptionist at the former LEI in The Hague answers the phone:

a.    Good morning, this is the reception at Wageningen Economic Research

b.    Good morning, this is the reception at LEI

c.    Good morning, this is the reception at Wageningen University & Research, the department of Economic Research

d.   Hi, Els speaking

3.    An unusual animal appeared in the garden of Lumen. What was it?

a.    A golden jackal

b.    A meadow pipit

c.    A subalpine warbler

d.   A duck

4.   Ceres’s famous minibus week came to a sticky end after just one day. Why?

a.    A few drivers ran into a breathalyser test

b.    The buses turned out not to be insured

c.    The buses were sabotaged by members of KSV

d.   Some drunken participants walked on a motorway

 5.   Cutlery disappears from canteens at an alarming rate. Knives are the exception. Why is that?

a.    Students don’t eat with knives and forks

b.    Knives are harder to steal

c.    Knives are cheaper than forks and spoons

d.   The reason is unknown

6.   ‘The working hours are weird: from 09.30 to 22.00 hours.’ Who?

a.    Fons Janssen, chair of the new student union SAW complaining to the rector about the evening lectures

b.    Student Raoul Frijns admires the industriousness in Korea

c.    Mortierstraat 14B has had enough of Wageningen

d.   Heineken prize winner Jennifer Doudna is amazed by the work ethic on campus

a.    Ballroom dancing

b.    Cricket

c.    His collection of dinky toys

d.   Fly-fishing

8.   In which Olympic sport was Wageningen University & Research not represented this summer?

a.    Athletics

b.    Horse-riding

c.    Track cycling

d.   Hockey

9.   The first evening class in Forum:

a.    Social dimensions of health and bodily care

b.    Food law

c.    Advanced statistics

d.   Advanced method in chemical research

10.                 The Executive Board sets great store by gender policy. Its targets for 2020:

a.    20 percent of directors are women

b.    80 percent of professors are men

c.    20 percent of PhD supervisors are women

d.   80 percent of students are women

11.                 Space gardener Wieger Wamelink has had great success with his:

a.    Poppy seeds

b.    Thale cress

c.    Martian tomatoes

d.   Venus fly traps

12.                 WURbie, one of the two self-driving WEpods, owes its name to:

a.    Johan Derksen

b.    René van der Gijp

c.    Hans Kraaij junior

d.   Wilfred Genee

13.                 ‘Art and science should be like mines, where the sound of new work and progress can be heard from all sides.’ Who?

a.    Louise Fresco, when she unveiled the artwork Veritas existentae in Orion

b.    Melanie Schultz van Haegen on the occasion of the first drive in the WEpod

c.    Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis when unveiling the temporary artwork Scala Natura in front of the Forum

d.   Francis Bacon on the side of the Amphitheatre

14.                 The executive board is considering switching to English in more Bachelor’s programme. Why?

a.    The number of Dutch students is going down

b.    There are better textbooks in English

c.    It will improve the teachers’ English considerably

d.   The university wants to boost its international image

15.                 Master’s student numbers are stagnating. Why is that?

a.    More and more Bachelor’s students are going elsewhere to do a Master’s

b.    More and more Bachelor’s students don’t do a Master’s at all

c.    Fewer and fewer Bachelor’s students stay on for a Master’s

d.   Fewer and fewer Bachelor’s students complete their degrees

16.                 Many PhD candidates did not vote in the elections for the student council. Why not?

a.    They boycotted the elections because they did not think they were fair

b.    They didn’t receive a call to vote

c.    They submitted their ballots too late

d.   They thought the call to vote was spam

17.                 Coming second is good too. But who came first?

a.    The iGem team with the varroakiller

b.    The WUR lawyers in the deposit money case against Trouw

c.    Professor Huub Savelkoul in the quack doctor prize

d.   Powerlifter Iris Brunsmann at the national championships

18.                 Cormet got the lowest score in Resource’s canteen test. How does the boss Ron Nagetgaal react?

a.    ‘I actually prefer to eat with plastic cutlery’

b.    ‘A 6.3? Well that’s a pass, isn’t it?’

c.    ‘Our cook is a master fryer’

d.   ‘We will certainly be addressing a number of points for attention’

19.                 WUR is big in mosquito research. Which discovery is false?  

a.    Mosquitoes are mainly bothersome in bed

b.    Mosquitoes avoid odour traps

c.    Mosquitoes don’t like the Axe affect

d.   Mosquitoes never bite twice in the same place

20.                 Dijkgraaf flat pub De Bunker had to close temporarily in February. Why?

a.    The beer was finished

b.    A party announced on Facebook got out of hand

c.    There were not enough volunteers for bar duty

d.     The party drug GHB was found in the toilet


1a, 2a, 3c, 4d, 5d, 6b, 7d, 8d, 9c, 10b, 11c, 12a, 13d, 14abcd, 15c, 16b, 17d, 18d, 19d, 20b