News - April 30, 2020

YOU (still) on campus - 'I actually never study at home'


Tamara Bos (23), MSc student of Epidemiology at Nutrition & Health, discovered by chance that she could still come to campus to study. Better than at home, since her sister is living with her now.

When you arrive on campus, you notice immediately that there are fewer cars, bikes and students. But the front door of the Forum still turns invitingly, and there are a few students sitting inside. It’s a bit busier on the first floor: the library is closed, so everyone is working in the corridors, at the correct distance from each other. Including Tamara.

‘I actually ever study at home because I really associate the university with studying. At first I assumed it wouldn’t be possible to study on campus. When I came here this week to print something, I was pleasantly surprised to find students here. It’s nice that it’s allowed, and people are good about sticking to the rules. And it’s nice and quiet.’

At first I assumed it wouldn't be possible to study on campus

At the moment I’m sharing my student room with my younger sister, because she lives in a house with 22 others who are not sticking to the coronavirus measures. They were still throwing parties and inviting people for dinner and to hang out. My sister is a teacher so she’s extra careful. Luckily my room is quite big, but noise-wise it’s still difficult if you are sharing a room.’ So that’s why Tamara is working on the landing in the Forum. ‘I can concentrate better on campus.’

After her exam at the end of this period, Tamara will start on her thesis already. ‘I wasn’t planning on doing that, but I feel it’s a shame to do collaborative courses online. So I’ve turned my whole programme upside down. I’ll start on my thesis next month, so before I’ve passed all my courses. That is a bit scary.’ Some courses lend themselves to distance learning better than others, she says: ‘Normally I learn a lot from working in a group on a case study, but I have noticed now that the penny doesn’t really drop. Even though in terms of planning, group work goes well through distance learning! The results and the structure are good, but it’s a pity that you don’t get to know each other so well this way.’