Student - November 7, 2019

YOU on campus - ‘The dance studio is like a second home to me'

Cathy (Kexin) Chen

Marina Mokbel has recently obtained her Master’s degree in Marine Ecology at Wageningen. She is from Bulgaria and was planning on going back home after graduation, but she has changed her mind. She will stay here and will continue to do full-time what she did part-time during her studies: teaching students to dance.

‘Dancing has always been an important part of my life. When I first came here, I barely knew anyone and felt lonely. I just really wanted to join a dance community. I got to know Lafrique Dance Company and started to take lessons there. I met a lot of WUR students there and I really liked the atmosphere, which made me feel involved’, says Marina. ‘After a while, I was offered a position teaching salsa to students and organizing events in collaboration with student associations. It was nice that I could combine student life with something I’m passionate about. I really enjoyed it!’

I felt lonely in Wageningen at first, but then I started taking dance classes
28-Jij op de Camous Marina Mokbel at dance lecture.jpeg

As a recent graduate, Marina has decided to try something new and challenge herself. Instead of moving back to her home country and searching for a job related to her studies, she will stay in ‘the place that feels like home’ – the dance studio in Wageningen – and continue with dance tutoring and organizing events.

‘The dance studio is like a second home to me. I want to create a home-like atmosphere there for both the locals and international students like me. I want to make everyone feel connected and united through dancing’, Marina says happily. ‘As for me, through dancing I found my feet after graduation. This is the best reward for all my effort in the past two years. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with more dance lovers!’