Student - November 8, 2018

YOU on campus: 'It's not just Monopoly and Settles of Catan.'

Eva van der Graaf

Exam week finds Nienke Luchtmeijer (23) sitting at a table in the deserted Forum. Croissants on the table, water bottle in one hand, telephone in the other.

The Bachelor's student of Food Technology is completely settled in Wageningen. When she came here a few years ago she joined not one but two student associations. ‘During my AID I checked out Unitas and SSR-W. Because they both seemed friendly and fun, I became a member of both of them.’

When asked if all that doesn't keep her very busy, Nienke responds, ‘I am cutting down. And there aren't a lot of commitments. It's more a question of things you can choose to do, options. Only the operations committee at Unitas takes up quite a lot of my time. We make sure that the policy and rules are in order, so it mainly involves combing through a lot of documents. But that's not all we do; we also support other committees, where necessary. Fortunately there are quite a few committee members.’

Nienke is also a big fan of board games. She is a member of the Facebook group Wageningen Board Gamers, a forum on which fellow board game fanatics regularly announce board game evenings. ‘It's not just Monopoly and Settlers of Catan. There are so many different games. And it's really sociable and fun. Games are always played on the fourth Thursday of the month at Thuis in Stationsstraat in Wageningen. While there's a regular core of people, some come only occasionally.’

For the time being Nienke won't have to give up her associations and board games evenings, because she plans to stay on in Wageningen after completing her Bachelor's. ‘I want to move on to the Master's of Food Technology and then specialize in Gastronomy. I love cooking so it’s no coincidence that I often cook at my associations. I also cook a lot in my leisure time. In terms of main courses, I don't really have a signature dish. Quite the opposite in fact, what I like doing is trying out different things. But I do have a signature dessert: tiramisu. I got the recipe from a friend of my mother's. She is Italian. I usually make it when my friends come round for a meal.’