Student - July 3, 2015

Vlogs by Derek from China

Blogger Pan Deli, better known as Derek, starts vlogging from China. He will show us what it is like to be back in China after four years in the Netherlands.

Derek studied at Wageningen University for two years, was a member of the Student Council for one year and looked for a 'knowledge migrant job' in the Netherlands for another year. He felt at home here. In 2014 he moved back to China, his country of birth, where he had a reverse culture shock. He now lives and works in Beijing. Derek feels a bit in between two cultures since he soaked up the Dutch lifestyle. The title of his vlogs is therefore: Pan in Neitherland.

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Derek has been blogging for Resource since 2010.

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  • Groot-geschapen

    Ben toch eens benieuwd hoe die aan z'n naam komt. Zie totaal geen relatie tussen zijn echte naam en zijn Westerse pseudoniem.

  • Edgar Vos, union member worker for Wageningen UR

    Well hi Derek,
    thanks for making your future vlogs
    I'll try to follow them
    worker unions seems to me an interresting subject.
    good luck with it

  • Jan

    you should say in Dutch too. Why not?