Student - May 12, 2016

Subway on campus

Roelof Kleis

Subway is coming. The sandwich bar with an establishment in the centre of Wageningen is the fast-food restaurant that will take place in Campus Plaza.

The arrival of a fast-food restaurant was announced earlier by the property developer Ten Brinke. This called for mixed reactions among students and employees. These reactions were based on ideas of a McDonalds or KFC. ‘But that we are certainly not’, the spokesman of the Subway in the centre says.

‘We sell sandwiches. We are formally part of the category of fast-food because the customer is served quickly. Within two minutes the customer needs to be able to have their sandwich and walk out the door, that is our motto. But we do not sell french-fries or snacks. The speed lies in the service.’ The new Subway aims to open in September on campus. The selection range will be the same as all Subway locations.

Subway is an international franchise chain with their base in America. Globally the chain counts 44 000 locations, of which more than 4500 in Europe. In our country the Subway was first opened in 2000 in Eindhoven. Meanwhile, there are about (counted in September last year) 171 locations in our country. Wageningen will thus count two after the summer.

Campus Plaza will also house other items in the food and drinks sector, such as an international bakery, a restaurant with pasta dishes, a vegetable shop, a student supermarket and a cultural cafe. The names of these have not been released yet.

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  • Willem

    Mooi ik kan niet wachten het zal nog altijd beter en goedkoper zijn dan de broodjes in het Forum!

  • buitenlander

    wat ist dit voor een onzin? wie bedenkt dit? niemand op de campus heeft nog meer slecht voedsel nodig.

    • zucht

      nee we hebben meer biologische quinoa en hummus nodig

  • Buurman van de Haarweg


    Ik hoop dat alle tere antikapitalistische geitenwollensokkenzieltjes er met een grote boog omheen lopen. Anders halen we de 2 minuten niet...

    • fret

      Ik kan niet wachten op een geitenwollensokken protestmars of een sit-in bij de opening van campusplaza