Student - January 18, 2018

Student wounds two people in Forum (update)

Linda van der Nat

A male student attacked two people in Forum this morning. He stabbed a fellow student; a second person was knocked down when he tried to intervene.

© Guy Ackermans

The incident took place around 10:50 this morning, across from the WUR shop. The suspect fled but was apprehended shortly after by the police; he was caught in a ditch near the Droevendaalsesteeg. According to a spokesperson, the student seemed to be in a confused state.

The wounded student was brought to the hospital by ambulance. The police could not make any statements about his state. He was stabbed near his eye. The second victim is Resource editor Roelof Kleis, who was just about to leave the building when he saw two men ‘shoving and wrestling’. ‘At one point, one of them was strangling the other, who started to look afraid. I moved in to separate them and was hit hard on the head.’ Kleis’ injuries were treated on the spot.

According to Kleis, the two men knew each other well. The police did not want to comment on the relation between the two. The police are currently investigating the cause of the incident and is looking for witnesses.

If you saw anything and are a direct witness, please contact Ingrid Hijman of the SSC (

UPDATE 13:49 According to the Wageningen chief of police, the suspect might have been psychotic and strongly resisted his arrest. The victim that had to be taken to the hospital has been treated for a ‘light injury’. ‘There are various stories being spread about the young man losing sight in one eye, but that is not the case.’

UPDATE 14:05 Wageningen University & Research has made a special phone line available for worried parents who want to know more. The number is 0317-484407.