Student - May 17, 2018

Student parties cut back on flyering

Linda van der Nat

Printing thousands of flyers before student council elections is wasteful, say student parties S&I and CSF. The flyers just end up in waste paper bins. So the two parties will be printing fewer flyers in the run-up to the next elections.

For the green and international party S&I, stopping the practice of printing flyers altogether has been on the wish list for a while. ‘It is difficult because you lose the advantages it offers. Students will remember you for longer if they have a flyer,’ says Amit Choudhary of S&I. But the party persevered this year and made use of a petition: the more students signed, the fewer flyers will be printed.

During the elections of last year, the three parties printed more than 10,000 flyers between them. Choudhary: ‘In our eyes, that is a waste of paper. Our aim is not to use any paper at all, and this is the first step.’ About 100 students have already signed the petition, which means 2900 flyers instead of 3000 for S&I. ‘It is a small step,’ admits Choudhary, ‘but it is a start.’

For the coming elections, CSF has ordered 2500 flyers, fewer than usual. Joanne Rink: ‘We want to do our best to reuse as many as possible. Flyers often end up in the flyer bin.’ For the Christian party, sustainability is high on the list of priorities, says Rink. Their newsletter is only distributed digitally, for example.

VeSte is not joining the initiative by S&I and CSF, but does applaud it. The elections for the Student Council take place between 28 May and 1 June. The candidate list can be consulted on You can sign the S&I petition on the party’s Facebook page.

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  • Henk

    Jammer dat CSF nu ook aan schuurt tegen dit soort opportunistisch geleuter. Bij de start een aantal jaar terug positioneerde men de partij als bewaker van de academie en vroeg men om verdieping en ethiek in ons onderwijs. Back to the start, guys!

  • Amit

    First, the numbers in the article are debatable. It is hard to imagine that the largest party prints the least number of flyers. How can a party which is right at your nose from Ede Wageningen Bus station till the point you leave the building exhausted after classes print the least no. of flyers? It is hard to debate numbers which are generated overnight. The point of the article is to raise awareness regarding printing in such high numbers for a week of promotion to get votes. It is as simple as that. The number of people who sign the petition will not be disturbed by a printed flyer. Instead of arguing the numbers, why is the focus not on the problem of printing in the election week in general?

    • Jaap Kerr - VeSte

      Well my dear Amit, at the Ede-Wageningen station we hand out old magazines that would otherwise have been thrown away by their producers, so in that way we do not cause extra printing. Thanks for your concerns however, we are all WUR-students and we all feel it is an important topic!

  • bezorgde hippie

    Het is wel weer een lekker afhankelijke houding van s&i om niet zelf voor minder flyeren te gaan maar het te laten afhangen van zo een vage onbekende publiekscampagne. Ik heb het gevoel dat duurzaamheid op die manier helemaal een wassen neus wordt als ze het als duurzaamheidspartij niet zo serieus nemen dat ze radicaal veranderen, op deze manier doen beide andere partijen het nog beter...