News - June 9, 2020

Rectors: entire generation of students threatened

Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau

The rectors of Dutch universities fear that students may not be able to develop to their full potential if teaching hours remain limited.

©Guy Ackermans

In an editorial, the rectors advocate for more room for students. ‘Character development is the basis of university education, and we fear that an entire generation of students will be lost if the crucial physical contact is not restored soon’, the rectors of fifteen universities write on the news and opinion site ScienceGuide.  

Rush hour
For the time being, universities and colleges can only offer courses that start and end between 11 am and 3 pm, or after 8 pm. This is to avoid students travelling during rush hour. Classes may also begin before 3 pm and end after 8 pm.

From 1 August onward possibilities will increase, but the rectors fear this will still be insufficient. ‘Concerning the future, the next generation students literally and figuratively needs space. Even now, they deserve a place.’

The rectors offer no solution but note that governments, transportation companies and other organisations make considerable efforts to enable safe travel to and from campuses. ‘We petition the government to consider this when developing new guidelines.’