Student - March 8, 2016

No longer voting through offered tablets

Koen Guiking

During the student council elections this year the council members will no longer approach voters with a digital voting ticket. Instead, voting booths will be placed in Forum, Orion and Leeuwenborch. Student council members need to keep a distance of minimally 2,5 meter from the voting students.

Three student parties have chosen for this because last year a discussion was started about candidates who carried laptops and tablets around on which voters could vote. If the candidate wearing the shirt of a particular party offered the voting paper, the voting behaviour of the voters could be influenced.

Besides, voting can still be done on all computers. Students receive a link in their mail to the voting system. The system was changed this year. Now there are also pictures of the candidates and possibly a short piece of text about them could be added.

More is changed. For example the student council will start a week before the elections with a ‘passive campaign’. Posters and narrow casting will then spread neutral information on the coming elections. ‘The message is: inform yourself on the choices you can make’, the student council president Nick van Nispen explains. ‘The only moment in the week where any sort of rivalry is present between the parties is on Thursday evening. Then they will have an election debate.’ The election period will even become a day shorter: from Monday 23 to Thursday 26 May. ‘You notice after a few days that people become annoyed if people approach them asking if they have already voted’, Van Nispen explains the reason for the shorter campaign period.

Irregularities during elections in 2015:

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  • Jan-Willem Kortlever

    Goed plan, jongens!

  • Bezorgde student

    Stemmen met een foto erbij? Niet erg slim, heeft invloed op het stemgedrag. Zie

    • onbezorgde student

      De naam heeft ook invloed op stemgedrag, dan ook maar stemmen zonder naam. Met een foto kun je jezelf een uitstraling meegeven, waarmee je toont hoe je jezelf ziet. Verder is zo'n tekst ideaal om op een idee te kunnen stemmen, in plaats van op iemand die je toevallig kent.

      Dit lijkt me een goed plan