Student - September 19, 2019

Conference on WUR and circular agriculture

Albert Sikkema

Various Wageningen student organizations have joined forces in the Circular Farming Platform Wageningen. They want to reform teaching and research at the university in order to achieve a better fit with the goal of making agriculture circular. They will be kicking off the debate with a conference on 10 October.

©Circular Farming Platform

‘We want to bring the current discussions about circular agriculture and farming practice into the university and introduce students to the innovative solutions out there,’ says Yanina Willet, a student of Plant Sciences and Development & Rural Innovation who is one of the organizers of the Circular Farming Platform conference. ‘By bringing the thinkers and the doers together, we hope to create a new vision for teaching in Wageningen.’

Professor of Animal Production Systems Imke de Boer will open the conference at 12:00 in Orion with an introduction. Then Saskia Visser, the head of the Circular and Climate-Neutral Society programme at WUR, and Frank Verhoeven, a consultant for circular agriculture farmers, will discuss the paradigm shifts that are needed in the education at Wageningen. The political implications of minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten’s vision for circular farming will be discussed by Alex Datema, chair of farmers’ organization BoerenNatuur, Keimpe van der Heide of the Dutch Arable Farming Union and provincial executive member Annemarie Spierings of Noord-Brabant province. A third panel will look at best practices in circular agriculture.