News - March 11, 2014

Blog: The company makes the meal

I've eaten from the Chinese van maybe twice in my life and I wasn't impressed. And, as a German, I am used to this ‘everything-that's-not-allowed-is-forbidden’ mentality, but it makes the world a bleek and boring place.

Spring is boosting our energy with full force these days and there was a lively and at times even intelligent discussion on Facebook about the Chinese food.

I suppose the reason for the ban was that caterer Cormet wasn't too happy about the competition from the little van. Prices like this are hard to beat and that keeps Cormet on their toes. Why that would be a bad thing is beyond me though.

I have always been a fan of wind from below, the underdogs and outcasts. Why not allow for some biodiversity? It's an open secret that this university has a soft spot for monoculture. It's more profitable of course.

It breaks my heart, but the beautiful buildings and all that impressive stuff we've got here, most likely were not paid for by organic farming cooperatives. Wageningen University itself  seems to me like a huge milking farm for students. Some organic (Droevendaal) some conventional (center) some intensive (Bornsesteeg). Most of us are fairly wealthy kids, so there is a lot of money to be made, many a penny to be pulled from our pockets.

How dare someone else than Wageningen University decide who may do so? Same with Idealis. It's crazy that the roof above my head costs me three times as much money as all my other expenses combined.

Having said all this, bad weeds will grow tall and I suppose, no - I sincerely hope that Chinese Van Man will find a way to smuggle his stuff on campus.

Viva la EvoluciĆ³n.