News - December 29, 2015

Blog: Just another resolution

It’s that time of year again: looking back onto the year that’s about to end and planning for the new one about to begin.

Although it’s completely arbitrary (as many other things in human society are), I always look forward to this celebration of a single moment and what it offers. Turning a new page, a clean sheet, promise of change. So I, like millions of others, am making resolutions.

The usual: to exercise and travel more. The more personal: to graduate (and figure out what I want to do next). The super specific: to be less serious and try not to mention California, Australia, Scotland and Lithuania in at least one of these blogs. This might be the toughest one yet. Read more books, log off Facebook, crack that next level of Dutch on Duolingo. Let go of things and places and people. A piece of cake, this one.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I love making lists, so I’m making one for 2016 as well. But the best thing I did last year with the similar list was to hide it and just, you know, live. And all in all, my 2015 turned out to be pretty fantastic. Last week I found the list and was very glad to see that many of the really important things did actually come true. Including, for example, getting published somewhere. Well, hello there, my 10th Resource blogpost!

You can’t possibly plan everything. (...) It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be making resolutions.

But also many more just as significant things happened that weren’t on that list. You just can’t possibly plan everything. Especially those small everyday moments that are equally worthy of celebration. And I’m the biggest fan of those. Drinking hot chocolate with friends on a quiet afternoon. On a train catching a glimpse of super moon over the river. Getting a call from a talking sculpture in the middle of Vilnius Old Town.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be making resolutions – they give you a chance to reflect but also provide a new direction. Looking back and looking forward. Sometimes, though, it might indeed be healthier to just pause and be present. Oops, one cliché too many.

But what do I know?! I’m giving an advice to myself here but maybe someone else could use it too, especially my fellow graduates-to-be. To stop freaking out about something that hasn’t happened yet and spend less time missing something that has passed. Too much is happening right now to be so preoccupied with hoping for something to happen again. Ironically, this probably will end up being the most important resolution.