Student - January 17, 2019

Argo feels the burn for Neptunus

Luuk Zegers

Wageningen student rowing club Argo will be holding an ergometer marathon in the weekend of 9 to 10 February to raise money for Neptunus rowing club in Delfzijl. Neptunus lost its boathouse and entire fleet in December in a fire.

In 1982 the boathouse from Argo went up in flames. © Argo

The ergometer marathon is a new Argo tradition in which crews raise money by keeping a rowing machine going non-stop for 24 hours. Argo chair Daniël Boer: ‘This is our third time. The first two times, we raised money for our new training loft.’ Now it is time to do something for someone else.

In early December, the boathouse belonging to Neptunus rowing club went up in flames, along with its entire fleet. ‘As a club, we know how that feels,’ says Boer. ‘Our boathouse burned down in 1982.’ A new rowing boat costs about 10,000 euros and boathouses are hardly free either. That is why Neptunus aims to raise 100,000 euros with crowdfunding.

Argo wants to do its bit to help them and it has invited rowers from all over the country to join in the marathon. Boer: ‘I expect all the student rowing clubs will send a team. A Neptunus team will be taking part, along with several Argo teams of course.’ To register for the ergometer marathon, go to

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