News - May 13, 2020

And the winner is ... Aurora

Roelof Kleis

The new education building will be called Aurora, after the Roman goddess of dawn. Student Annemiek van Kessel came up with the name.

Kessel says the name refers to the open character of the new teaching building, which is being constructed on the western edge of the campus. ‘I think it’s an appropriate name as a defining feature of the building is the daylight in all the rooms. Aurora makes sure that the sunlight can reach as many parts of the new building as possible,’ she writes in her supporting argument.

Sixteen Aurora's
Van Kessel was not the only person to suggest Aurora; this name appeared in 16 of the 840 approved entries. ‘Two of the four jury members chose Van Kessel’s submission independently of one another when drawing up their shortlists,’ explains jury secretary Eddy Teenstra. The name scored well in the following rounds of voting too and ended up as one of the final two.

The jury put these two names to the Executive Board, who made the final choice. The runner up is not being announced. ‘That will only cause trouble,’ says Teenstra. ‘Anyway, we only need the one name.’ Incidentally, the 15 losing Auroras will get an email with an explanation of the decision. Van Kessel gets 250 euros and a certificate.

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