Student - November 20, 2019

Students organize sustainability festival

Globus. That’s the name of the sustainability festival that eight Wageningen students are planning for Saturday 13 June 2020. They will use the proceeds to buy a tract of rainforest in Costa Rica.

© Globus

‘We want to foster sustainability in a light-hearted way, but also to raise awareness,’ explains initiator Marijn van der Meer. The Environmental Sciences Bachelor’s student and fellow student Wout Blankenstijn came up with the idea of organizing the festival during an Erasmus exchange in Sweden. ‘Then we approached fellow students for help. Now there are eight of us working hard on the festival.’

Globus is slowly starting to take shape although there are still some hurdles to be cleared. The biggest problem is sponsorship. ‘It’s proving difficult to find sponsors and that’s now our top priority. We should have the financing sorted by the end of the year. Fortunately, the university was prepared to make a financial contribution and we’ve also got permission to use the grounds in front of Orion, which is a huge help.’

Van der Meer does not yet want to say much about the programme for Globus. ‘We’ve contacted some really cool performers but it will all depend a bit on the final budget.’ For more information, see RD

Tekst: Rijk Dersjant.