News - June 23, 2020

 Meet our new blogger Livia Franssen

Luuk Zegers

Livia Franssen (19) is going to blog for Resource. She is a second-year master’s student of Environmental sciences and lives at Droevendaal. ‘I’ll be writing about my daily life, and the societal issues I am concerned about.’

©Guy Ackermans

‘I’d like to write about the way we experience time’, Franssen says. ‘Nowadays, all we do is sit at home, which makes things that happened last week appear ages ago. The idea came to me when I was buying an alarm clock. I used to use my phone’s alarm function, but I no longer want to scroll through news and Instagram immediately upon waking. Having a phone in our pocket keeps us constantly updated on everything that goes on in the world. Sometimes, it’s nice to just wake up slowly to Wageningen before being bombarded with news from all over the world.’  

'My first blog is about the way we experience time'

Franssen feels involved in societal issues. ‘It upsets me how, for example, the debates following the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Amsterdam, focus more on how Femke Halsema responded than on the actual topic of the demonstration, racism. Although such issues may not directly relate to my life as a student, they do concern me, so I want to write about them. As a student of Environmental Sciences, the societal debate is an important factor in how you perceive issues that are part of the curriculum.’ 


Within the domain of Environmental Sciences, Franssen majors in Policy and Economics. She does not yet know what she wants to do after her bachelor’s. ‘But I am fairly sure it will be something more social than my current domain. Perhaps also broader than just the environment.’ 

'My work at the green grocer’s puts me in contact with other Wageningen inhabitants as well'

In addition to her studies, Franssen works at the greengrocer across from the Albert Heijn. ‘If you are a student that is only active in student associations, you might get the idea Wageningen is populated with only students. My work at the green grocer’s puts me in contact with other Wageningen inhabitants as well, which is really nice.’  


‘Living at Droevendaal is great. There is always something going on. Right now, for example, someone is studying the effects of the many cats inhabiting Droevendaal on the local biodiversity. I recall my mother’s reaction when she first visited me. “In what dilapidated trailer park did you manage to end up now?” But to me, living here is like winning the lottery. Growing your own vegetables, having breakfast in the sunny garden, there is always something to do.’