News - May 4, 2020

Crossing, but no students

Roelof Kleis

The new crossing on the Nijenoordallee is finished. All it needs is students to make use of it.

The new crossing of the Nijenoordallee near Hoevestein © Roelof Kleis

The road from the Leeuwenborch to the rest of Campus has always been a winding one. Two sharp turns to be made by bike, with little room for manoeuvring. A new crossing on the Nijnenoordallee makes this route a lot safer.

Extra capacity
As well as shorter. The new crossing enables bikers to follow the route that was normally taken by pedestrians: straight ahead across the road from the Bongerd. This illegal route has now been made official. Besides, the crossing is much broader than the original one at approximately fifty metres from Hoevestein. The original passage remains intact; some extra capacity is hardy an unnecessary luxury.

Records recently published in the Environmental Effect Report on a possible ring road around Campus show that thousands of bikers, mainly students, cross the road at Hoevestein. Given the projected growth of the university and Wageningen itself, this number will only increase in the future. The number of daily crossings is estimated to total 4200 in 2030.

Elsewhere along the Nijenoordallee, these numbers are even higher. At the intersections of the Churchillweg and Rooseveltweg, over 6000 people pass by each day. However, not at this time. Since the ‘intelligent lockdown’ campus life has ground to a standstill, and this situation is expected to persist for the time being. All education will be offered online for the remainder of the academic year.