Organisation - August 4, 2017

YOU on campus – Writing a book on insect policy

Didi de Vries

The university campus is quiet during summer, but that does not mean nothing is happening. On any given weekday morning, you will find dozens of people working on the first floor of Forum. One of these people is Valeria Paganizza, a researcher hailing from Italy. She will remain in Wageningen until the end of August to finish writing a book.

© Didi de Vries

Paganizza first came to Wageningen in 2012. At the time, she was a PhD candidate at the Università di Ferrara in Italy, and spent three months here at the Law and Governance Group. ‘I really enjoyed the time I spent here so I took the opportunity to come back here in 2014. That was for another research project.’

She has since become a researcher at the Italian Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Additionally, she took on the role of advisor in food law, where she focuses on European policies concerning insects in food and animal feed. ‘The fun part of my research is that it is such an untouched field’, says Paganizza. ‘Not many people do research about eating insects from the perspective of law.’ She does not eat insects herself, as she is a vegetarian. ‘An insect is also an animal, so I don’t eat them.’

The fun part of my research is that it is such an untouched field
Valeria Paganizza

At the moment, Paganizza is writing a book on her research; the book will be published in October. ‘I came to Wageningen to finalize my book and I would also like to meet some people to talk about the topic.’

Paganizza would like to enter a tenure track once she returns to Italy at the end of August. ‘But there is a competition to become a professor and I am really young to become a professor. I am not sure I will succeed, but I will make an attempt. And if I don’t manage, I will at least continue my work as an advisor.’

Despite her busy work weeks, Paganizza still has enough time for hobbies. Besides working, she also cycles large distances. ‘My parents live in a small village, approximately 66 kilometres away. In the weekends, I go by bike on Saturday and back on Sunday. And I like to paint. I started painting as a child in primary school. Sometimes, I feel that I need to paint; my fingers just want to paint and I have to stop working.’

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