News - July 26, 2018

YOU on campus - Enjoying summer in ghost town Wageningen

Julia Schafer

Sprinting during 40 degrees in the sun? ‘Just do it, even though it is tough’, says Carmen Lemain (23). After her training, she and her personal trainer sit in the shadow outside the sports center to discuss her goals.

© Julia Schäfer

The athletics and soccer fields are deserted and there are only a few bicycles in front of the sports centre. BSc-student of communication siences Carmen Lemain is one of the few people at the Bongerd. She has been working out with personal trainers from GoalTrainers for two months, who give her lessons in calisthenics, exercises with body-weight. Carmen is happy with the results. ‘I already gained some strength. It is nice to experience that there is really something happening to my body!’ With a smile she shows the muscles of her thigh. The student has a shoulder injury she wants to cure through strength training. ‘I exercise several times a week – also during this weather.’

'When Noelle Aarts introduced the study communication sciences during the open day I was immediately enthousiastic’, says Carmen with shining eyes. ‘I have never regretted choosing this study.’ Carmen has a new job at a company, where she manages a company website and takes care of communication and marketing. 'A good chance to apply what I've learned.'

For me, it is a question of leaving my room early. Otherwise you get so inactive that you do not get out anymore.
Carmen Lemain about getting things done in the heat

Ghost town Wageningen
Because of resits and the preparations for a board year at Unitas, Carmen spends her whole summer vacation in Wagenigen, her home since four years. ‘The people here are fantastic and open. Sometimes it feels like a bubble but I really enjoy living here.’ Carmen calls Wageningen a ghost town during summer – most of the students are gone. ‘But I like the quietness and I meet the friends who are still here.’

In order to get things done in the heat, Carmen follows a simple strategy. ‘For me, it is a question of leaving my room early. Otherwise you get so inactive that you do not get out anymore.’