News - April 19, 2012

'You don't often get the chance to see the royal family from so close by'

Who? The Dutch royal family
What? Queen's day
When? 30 April of course
Where? Rhenen and Veenendaal
Tip from; Hanna Nobels-Sahusilawane, secretary at PRI, Centre for Biosystems Genomics

'It really is a chance in a lifetime that Queen's Day is so nearby this year. A great opportunity to enjoy the fun and sense of togetherness. What is more, you don't often get the chance to see the royal family from so close by or even to shake their hands - who knows? At a time like that you feel just like a little child. My husband and I will be going to Rhenen on the 30 th because I think it's such a beautiful little town. We might even drive on to Veenendaal afterwards. The children won't come with us. The 'Oranje feeling' doesn't mean so much to them, and besides they nearly die of embarrassment when I get really enthusiastic. I am not an extreme royalist though. Normally I like to watch Queen's Day on television and I watch the news if they've been somewhere. And of course I always wear orange on 30 April. When the Forum was opened I made sure I was there. We were standing just a couple of metres from the queen and Prince Willem Alexander. I was so fed up that I had forgotten my camera that day.'