News - March 22, 2016

WUR will get a new brand name

Rob Ramaker

Wageningen University & Research is the new name starting from 1 September used for all the organization divisions. Existing brand names such as LEI, Alterra, Imares and Wageningen University will disappear.

Image: Logo with the new brand name

The new brand policy needs to ensure that Wageningen shows one powerful image to the world, says Marc Lamers, director of Corporate Communications & Marketing. So there will be one name and one logo. Starting from September eleven sub-brands will disappear, such as LEI, Imares and Plant Research International. According to Lamers this step fits in with the ideal of the strategic plan of One Wageningen. It aims for more internal cooperation, between disciplines, but also between the research institutes and the university.

Researchers that want to be more precise on where they work, can use the new domain name, such as Wageningen Plant Research (currently PRI and PPO) or Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (currently CVI). Not all institutes have decided on their domain name.

Starting from September eleven sub-brands, such as LEI, Imares and Plant Research International will disappear.

The new brand will be introduced without much fanfare. Starting from September the logo will appear on all invitations and objects, such as the website, writing paper, buildings and company cars. Only things that really catch the eye, such as flags or large signs will be replaced earlier. The domain name will become again. A couple of years ago this domain name disappeared in favour of Existing site names will remain as redirections.

Only food security institute Rikilt will (provisionally) not follow the name change. The institute is going to fuse with the laboratory of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). An intermediate name would make things more complicated.