News - March 10, 2016


Only 4 percent of all industrial inventions are the work of women, says a study by the Bocconi University in Milan, which looked at nearly 10,000 inventors in 23 countries. And those female Willie Wortels earn an average of 14 percent less than their male counterparts. Women and technology: still a thorny issue. Couldn’t those 4 percent of women invent a solution?


Men are more like gorillas than chimpanzees, at least as far as their Y chromosome is concerned. This has been discovered by geneticists at Penn State University in the US. It is a remarkable finding because, genetically speaking, chimps are the closest to humans. Except in the matter of the male Y chromosome, apparently. The significance of this is not clear. But of course you can always speculate. 


Sustainable Consumption and Marketing was the name of the thesis with which Ynte van Dam graduated with a PhD in the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour chair group this week. Which gives the acronym SCAM. A joke, says Van Dam, who describes himself as an anarchist 1970s fan. But he is upset that so far no one has noticed his statement. The scam is not his thesis, by the way, but the world of marketing and consumption.

Depp effect

Women fall for men with feminine facial features. But this Johnny Depp effect doesn’t always work, scientists from universities including Otago University in New Zealand discovered. If women are first asked to identify the sex of the face, they will then find it less attractive. So, women: use your head a moment, and the Johnny Depp effect is gone.