News - March 23, 2006

What’s on

Thursday 23/3
>Unitas (23.00) Fuser invites with DJ Benny Rodrigues, live performance by Brintaxx.
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party with DJs Yoli and Felipe.

Friday 24/3
>Mouterij Churchillweg (21.00) Artists café, with dance opening by Daniela Marcozzi at 21.30.
>International Club (23.00) Brazilian and Portuguese evening.

Saturday 25/3
>Villa Bloem (14.00) DJ Ribtickler plays jazzy music.
>Kniphorst bookshop (14.00) Live concert: Blue note.
>International Club (14.00) Holi Phagwa, Surinamese Bollywood party.
>Junushoff (20.30) Di Gojim, Klezmer orchestra.
>De Wilde Wereld (22.00) Dance 30+.
>Unitas (23.00) The Beyond.

Sunday 26/3
>Town centre (13.00) Spring market and the shops are open this afternoon.
>International Club (16.00) Soul Party with DJs Ben and Jan.

Thursday 30/3
>KSV (19.30) Slovakian International Kitchen. Subscribe before 29/3,
>ISOW (21.00) Salsa course for beginners starts.
>Unitas (21.30) Ipso Facto Benefit Party.
>International Club (23.00) Late Night Club Party.