News - October 20, 2010

What is Oh Oh Cherso?

Suzanne Overbeek

Oh Oh Cherso is a hype in the Netherlands. This reality TV show about how the pride of The Hague’s youth go on the rampage at the Cretan party venue of Chersonissos is popular in Wageningen too.

Students stay home on Thursdays to see it, and come late to parties. And Cherso slang like 'woknok' and 'ketsen' (don't ask) has become common currency. It is the Dutch equivalent of MTV's Jersey Shore.
On Thursday 14 October both SSR-W and Ceres threw an 'Oh Oh Cherso- party'. The women wore either very large earrings or a platinum-blonde Barbie wig. And a lot of the men sported two star tattoos, the signature of Sterretje, one of the men in Cherso. Sterretje's chat-up line: 'I have two stars, want to see my third?' And his ideal woman: 'Someone with a heartbeat, that's good enough for me'.