News - April 14, 2011

WEP produces sustainability map

Yesterday, during lunch in the Forum building, the Wageningen Environmental Platform presented the EcomapII: a map of Wageningen showing all the local environmentally friendly businesses.

Regional products for sale in Forum yesterday
The Ecomap is intended for people who are new to Wageningen, explains Laura Kubber, the WEP chairperson. Everyone who registers at Wageningen town hall will be given one. 'The idea is to get people cycling around and discovering the different places', says Kubber. 'And to get them buying more sustainable products, of course.'
All businesses shown on the Ecomap sell sustainable products, but it is difficult to define clearly what is 'eco'. Kubber: 'Our focus is on the environment. The businesses on the map don't produce much waste, supply organic products grown without the use of pesticides and are close by.' They are not limited to farm shops but also include second-hand shops and a toy shop, for example.
Walled garden
When asked which business deserves to be better known, Kubber replies: 'De Ommuurde Tuin (the walled garden). You can pick your own vegetables and it is just a pleasant place to spend time in.' She thinks students will be familiar with farm shop De Hoge Born. 'But they don't realize it is only a five-minute bike ride from Forum.' She also mentions the cafe Vreemde Streken. 'That is a good place to go if you want to invite people out for a meal. They aren't expensive and the owner is always pleased to help with ideas.'
Eco I
WEP first produced the map a few years ago and local business people were delighted with the initiative. 'Various businesses approached us afterwards because they too wanted to be on the map.' Wageningen municipality and the Louis Bolk Institute were enthusiastic as well. Together, they contributed 2,700 euros in subsidies for the two-year project. A total of 5,455 maps have been printed. Anybody who wants one should contact WSO.