News - March 26, 2015

Weaving past the buslane

Amy Jansen

Machines and construction staff are working hard to complete the bus lane across the campus as fast as possible. Twelve-hundred metres of road. All of it expected to be ready sometime in May. The work necessitates the regular but temporary closure of roads and cycle paths. Every morning, the best way to reach the campus is a fresh surprise. Four students share their thoughts.


Kirsten van den Berg

‘It is annoying. The other day I went to the Forum building to study and I could drive straight there. But when I wanted to go home in the evening, the road was closed. I had to take another route. Because the barriers are being put up and removed within the space of a day, you’ve no idea what’s going on. What’s more, the signposting is poor. I wanted to go to Zodiac and it was only when I reached the turn-off that I saw the road was closed. Yet again I had to completely retrace my steps and take a detour, and that took quite a bit longer.’

Thirza de Kruyff

‘I live on Dijkgraaf and that road was closed recently. The shortest route to the campus, the cycle path, has been completely taken up and is strewn with stones. I cycled over the rubble but it didn’t do my bicycle any good. Luckily, I soon found a new back route, by going through the fence. Another thing is that the machines start making a racket really early in the morning. Personally, I’m not so bothered by it because it doesn’t wake me up, but my housemates complain about it. I’m intrigued to see what the final result will be.’

Linda van Bemmelen Van der Plaat

‘Lately it hasn’t been that bad. I usually need to get to Orion and I can. A little while ago, when the Bornsesteeg was closed and the detour wasn’t well signposted, I sometimes arrived late for a lesson. Luckily, the lecturer was sympathetic. I do think the detours should be better signposted. Not by email or anything like that, signposts are fine. Knowing that a road is closed isn’t actually any help, the most important information is what’s the alternative route.’

Menno Kroonen

‘It is really annoying that you can’t just cycle across the campus and always have to take narrow, improvised paths, especially in the cycle rush hour. On the other hand, it is temporary and that alone makes it not so bad. The big problem I have with it is the whole question of just how badly do we as students need this bus. Personally, I don’t think a bus needs to drive across campus and many other students think the same way. Not agreeing with the bus lane does make it pretty irritating that I always have to cycle outside the bike lane.’