News - December 6, 2016

Waste challenge in student flats

Roelof Kleis

Students do not sort their waste well enough. This spring, the municipality will hold a waste sorting competition among student flats.

The challenge is a continuation of a trial held last year in the Nude in civilian flats. The challenge was to sort waste into separate materials as efficiently as possible during a period of a month and a half. That challenge will now be rolled out to student flats, but this time for a duration of three months.

The project is executed by the start-up Binbang from Utrecht and the municipality of Wageningen is their customer. The waste collector ACV and student accommodation provider Idealis are also joining in. According to Noor Figdor of Binbang, the challenge will start in March or April. Three flats will be taking part in the challenge, including one of the starflats. Which flats will be joining is not known yet.

According to Figdor, the trial in the Nude showed that the PMD fraction of waste (plastics, metal and drink cartons) deserves additional attention. However, biodegradable waste and glass are not optimally sorted either. Prior to the challenge, a baseline measurement will be performed in ACV’s containers. During the challenge, the students will be kept up to date on the current state of affairs and their scores respective to the other parts of the flat via a mobile application.

Student coach
Binbang also wants to involve students in the preparations of the project. That is why Figdor is looking for eight student coaches who will join in thinking of a campaign to motivate students to join in. ‘In the Nude, we organised flashmobs at supermarkets, decorated the waste bins and provided recipes that were aimed at decreasing food waste.’ Coach candidates can report in to Figdor.