News - July 2, 2020

Wanted: Members editorial board Resource

The editorial board reviews Resource’s content and may serve the editors with solicited and unsolicited advice. We are seeking new board members.

The editorial board consists of a maximum of seven members, among which are two employees, two students and two (journalist) experts from outside of WUR. We strive for a  solid representation from the different departments in the board, which, as a rule, is chaired by one of the external members.

The editorial board meets at least three times per year to discuss the editorial policy of the previous period with the editor-in-chief. The board also provides the executive board with an annual written report on its activities. Non-student members are appointed for three years, student members for a year. Each year, a few members step down per the rotation schedule, and can subsequently be re-appointed for a period of three years (one year for students).

Would you like to contribute to Resource’s course? Send an email to stating your position and department (employees) or major (students).