News - January 26, 2016

Walk-in counselling in Forum for troubled student

Are you lonely or struggling with something, but do you find it difficult to make an appointment with the psychologist? Then since last week you can drop in at the counselling hour in Forum.

Walk-in counselling is a pilot that will run until summer. It is an initiative of the student psychologist and the deanery, that want to offer students an approachable way to seek help. ‘In fifteen minutes the students can share their story, or ask a question and we can give advice,’ says student psychologist Ineke Leenders. ‘It could be that we place somebody on the waiting list for a longer talk or that we advise that they get a reference from the general practitioner.’

In the first week eleven students stopped by the room on the right behind the reception desk. Leenders hopes that the short sessions have a preventive effect. ‘Sometimes it helps if a student can get something off their chest. Then we can quickly provide a direction, such as “take on a sport” or “get informed at that association”. In this manner we can avoid worse.’

The intention is also to start walk-in counselling after classes, from five to six o’clock. Leenders: ‘In the lunch break we will have professionals there, but in the evening we want to work with volunteers, who after a training, can talk with the students. They will not provide advice like we do, but they can be a listening ear.’

Students that are interested in volunteering, can contract the student psychologists.