News - March 14, 2013

Wageninger supports 'miracle professor'

The Maastricht professor Onno van Schayk is getting support from his colleagues.

In an open letter 27 professors take up the cudgels for Van Schayk, who came under fire when he said he had witnessed a miracle. Wageningen professor of Reformational Philosophy Henk Jochemsen is among the signatories to the letter. 'We are worried that some people seem to think it is not permissible for an academic to express an opinion based on his own experience, in a personal story,' say the 27 professors. Van Schayk became the subject of controversy after he stated that he had witnessed a miracle: a leg that was too short grew after being prayed over. There was an outcry about his statements and van Schayk subsequently resigned from his post as director of the Maastricht research institute Caphri.