News - February 12, 2009


Shuhao Tan, who runs Wageningen UR’s China office, was in Wageningen last week to discuss the progress of the collaboration with Chinese knowledge institutions.One of the topics under discussion was the development of a network of Wageningen alumni in China. Another topic was the collaboration with Nanjing Agricultural University, with which Wageningen is going to set up a large-scale PhD programme with 20 to 25 researchers.

Tan’s visit coincided with that of a delegation from Northwest A&F University in Yangling. Wageningen has a joint education project with this university in which Chinese students in the final year of their BSc course get special training to qualify for an MSc course in Wageningen. ‘In five to ten years China will be one of the biggest academic players in the world’, explains Jan Fongers of Wageningen International. ‘So it is an important partner for us.’