News - February 13, 2014

Wageningen UR may host Chinese president

Rob Ramaker

When the Chinese present Xi Jinping comes to the Netherlands in March for the nuclear summit in The Hague, he would like to take a look at the Dutch agri sector while he is here, says Aalt Dijkhuizen, Wageningen’s executive board chair.

Dijkhuizen says he was approached by Chinese officials and asked to propose and prepare options for such a visit. The Chinese president will arrive in the Netherlands one day early with this specific aim in mind, says Dijkhuizen, who sees this as evidence of the priority China gives to its relations with the Netherlands in the fields of agriculture and food. The interest of the Chinese focuses especially on dairy farming and horticulture. For security reasons it is not possible for Xi to come to Wageningen, so Dijkhuizen hopes to receive him in Bleiswijk, where the Horticulture department has a complex of greenhouses. For the dairy sector, a proposal is being prepared to­gether with FrieslandCampina. The visit has not yet been con­firmed.