News - January 21, 2016

Wageningen UR explores research projects in Iran

Albert Sikkema

On request of the Iranian government, Wageningen UR is currently setting up a plan on how they can improve the agricultural production in Iran. They are also setting up a new curriculum for a water institute in Iran. Wageningen International reported.

<Photo: pistachio harvest in arid Iran>

An Iranian delegation, visiting Wageningen last year, has asked Wageningen UR to provide expertise in the field of agriculture and water management.

The Iranian agriculture is facing major droughts, falling water tables and agriculture and horticulture are facing increasingly difficult conditions. Wageningen UR is working on a multidisciplinary approach for working more efficiently with the water available. The knowledge of Wageningen in the field of climate-smart agriculture and breeding of drought resistant crops plays a role.

Furthermore, Iran is interested in the Wageningen knowledge in the area of food safety. In that context Rikilt will sign a letter of intent for cooperation with Shahid Beheshti University in Teheran next week.

The cooperation with Iran were running on a low gear in the past years due to western sanctions. But despite these sanctions there have always been connections between the Iranian government and Wageningen UR. There are currently 35 Iranian PhD students in Wageningen.