News - September 10, 2009

Wageningen students travel most

Maastricht has come out of Nuffic research as the most international university in the Netherlands. But VHL students are among the best-travelled.

Wageningen is not the most international university in the Netherlands. That honour goes to the University of Maastricht, says Nuffic's latest internationalization monitor. Wageningen has twenty percent overseas students; Maastricht has twice as many, at forty percent. And whereas the percentage in Maastricht is still growing, in Wageningen the number of foreign students has stabilized.
Maastricht is particularly popular with Germans. The number of Germans studying there has almost doubled in five years, to 5077. No other university comes near that. Dutch universities are generally popular with Germans, and four out of ten foreign students nationwide are German.
Of all the universities, Wageningen does have the most mobile students: sixty percent have done part of their course abroad. Maastricht is next with fifty percent. Only the applied science students at the HAS in Den Bosch are more mobile than the Wageningers: well over eighty percent have experience abroad. Van Hall Larenstein scores well too, in second place after Den Bosch, with forty percent.
It seems from research that overseas experience is good for Dutch students. University students with experience abroad get higher grade on average than students who stay at their institution throughout their course (7.52 as opposed to 7.38). They also more often get jobs at an appropriate level for their qualifications (77 percent as opposed to 61 percent).