News - February 16, 2010

Wageningen Master's top class

A newly published University Masters course guide puts Wageningen top of the class. The authors describe the university as 'a green highflyer'.

Almost all Wageningen University's MSc courses are high quality, says the Keuzegids Masters, which came out on Monday. Eighteen of the nineteen Wageningen courses assessed scored way above average. Only Landscape Architecture and Planning cam out as middle-of-the-road.  Students on other courses - in environmental and life sciences and business studies - were very positive. The authors say the top score is thanks to the intensive and small-scale teaching and the practical slant at Wageningen. In second place comes Nyenrode Business School. This is mainly down to the extremely high score of the school's Master's in management, with fees of 24 thousands Euros. None of the larger universities are above average, according to the Guide. They all have both strong and weak courses.
 The Keuzegids
The Keuzegids Masters is a new publication. It shows which Master's courses are available in part-time versions, which specialisms are possible, and what both students and experts think of the quality of the courses. Not all Master's courses were assessed on quality, though. Some courses have too few students to get a spread of views. Of the over thirty Master's courses offered at Wageningen, only nineteen were assessed. The Keuzegids on Bachelor's courses came out in December. For the fifth year running, it named Wageningen University as the best in the Netherlands.