News - February 8, 2017

Wageningen executives receive honorary doctorate

Tessa Louwerens

This month, two members of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research are to receive an honorary doctorate.

Photo: Arthur Mol (right) receives honorary doctorate from the hands of professor Greger Andersson at Örebro University

Arthur Mol
Last weekend, Vice Chair Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus at Wageningen University & Research, received an honorary doctorate at the Swedish Örebro University. He was given it as a token of appreciation for his work as Professor of Environmental Policy. Örebro University states that Mol’s research mainly focuses on the question of how we can produce and consume as sustainably as possible. Mol: ‘I have been following the leading scientists at Örebro University for years. We have written publications together and organised conferences and workshops. I consider Örebro as a prominent European institute in my field of work. I therefore see this honorary doctorate as a tremendous acknowledgement of my scientific work.’

Louise Fresco
Chair of the Board Louise Fresco will receive an honorary doctorate at the University of Leuven next week, on 15 February. Fresco has been advocating sustainable food supply via columns, on television and in popular scientific literature. The University of Leuven states that she emphasises the importance of an integral policy in which current societal challenges are also considered, challenges such as underweight and overweight, the impact on the environment, climate change, biodiversity, and economical and societal developments. Fresco: ‘I see this as an acknowledgement of the importance of a broad scientific approach of the food chain of production, consumption, environment as a policy and as an acknowledgement of the importance of telling the story of scientific progress to a wider audience.’