News - September 13, 2012

VeSte wants a new party on the student council

With Pulse gone, VeSte is the only student party remaining on the Wageningen student council.

Sitting pretty? Not at all. In fact, the student representatives are working hard to raise a competitor.
'We represent a broad spectrum of students. VeSte is principally a party for active students, but now we have to represent every student. Often that will not pose a problem; after all every student wants a good education. But, by way of example, when we are dealing with the Stu-dent Financial Support Regulation, we are obliged to represent our grass roots. And that means the large student associations,' says VeSte council member Anneriek Simons. 'We plan to give VeSte a high profile and clear identity in the coming year. We hope that people who have never previously considered joining the student council will realise that vacancies have opened up that they can fill.'
VeSte is appealing to study associations, international student clubs, Christian associations and other students who feel the party does not represent them. Breathing new life into Pulse is not an obvious step. 'These groups did not manage to keep the party going last year,' says Anneriek. 'I cannot see the logic in asking the very same people whether they want to start a new party. Having said that, if anyone is keen to revive Pulse, we will back them to the hilt.'