News - November 30, 2006

‘Valleilijn will replace 86 bus’

Wageningen will have a new bus connection with the train station Ede-Wageningen from 10 December. An extra long bus fuelled by natural gas will run every ten minutes during the rush hour and on Sunday evenings to Wageningen. It will make fewer stops than the 86 bus and will have priority at most junctions.

The bus will ride along the present route of the number 86 bus, from the station via the Gelderse Vallei hospital, the Mansholtlaan, De Born, the Nijenoordallee and the Kortenoordallee to the centre of Wageningen. The line will be given number 88, and called the Valleilijn. The 86 will run along the route of the current 83, through Bennekom, and the 83 will stop.

The Valleilijn will stop on the south side of Ede-Wageningen train station, the Wageningen side, unlike the old 86, which stops on the north side. During the morning and evening rush hours and on Sunday evening there will be a bus every 10 minutes, at other times every 15 minutes. The buses are extra long, with very quiet engines powered by natural gas, which reduces emissions. From 10 December there will also be a more frequent train service between Amersfoort and Ede-Wageningen. The blue Valleilijn trains will depart every half hour and connect with the Valleilijn bus to Wageningen.