News - December 13, 2017

University grows by 7 percent

Linda van der Nat

The number of students at Wageningen University & Research has increased by 7 percent this year in comparison to the academic year 2016-2017. There are currently 11,480 students at the university, as was revealed by the figures published by Education & Student Affairs (ESA).

© Guy Ackermans

When looking at first-year students, the largest increase is in the master’s programmes. Thanks to the arrival of students from other Dutch universities and the transfer students from Wageningen bachelor’s programmes, the total number of first-year master’s students has increased by 5 percent. The number of first-year master’s students from non-European countries has decreased by 3 percent relative to last year, but this is mainly due to a significant peak in registrations in 2016-2017, says Eric de Munck of ESA. ‘If we look at the last six years, 2017 is still in a strong second position when it comes to registrations from non-European countries.’

The number of bachelor’s students who started a programme in Wageningen this academic year has increased by 2 percent compared to last year. In all, 1637 first-year students have registered at the university. With this, the growth of the bachelor’s programmes is in line with the figures the university used last year. The most popular programmes are Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (178), Food Technology (174) and Biology (157). LvdN

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