News - July 6, 2018

Unitas relocates to Herenstraat

Luuk Zegers

Unitas has found a new building for the association. On 3 July, the Eugeia Fund – the foundation for former members of the youth association – signed a real estate purchase contract for the Herenstraat 31.

Lucas Hoevers of Unitas (on the right) together with Gerard Swinkels, the former owner of Herenstraat 31. © Unitas

Unitas chair Lucas Hoevers is very pleased that his association has finally found a permanent location again after many years of constant roaming. For almost ten years, the youth association has been looking for a suitable building to replace the former association building on the Generaal Foulkesweg.

Unitas left that building in 2009. Hoevers: ‘We have been searching ever since. However, Wageningen does not have many buildings that would be suitable, which made the search difficult.’ Before considering Herenstraat 31, which currently still holds café LUCA (formerly café Het Gat), the old post office was also an option. However, that turned out to be too much of a financial risk.

Most of Unitas’ open parties were already held at Herenstraat 31. Hoevers: ‘Members look forward to finally be able to organise activities such as the mensa and member nights in their own building. A new era is dawning for Unitas. As such, we hope we’ll be able to offer Wageningen a lot, both for students and other young people.’

But first, the building will have to be prepared for the association. ‘It currently really still is a café’, explains Hoevers. ‘That means there is no separate room for the board. We still have to build that.’ Unitas will relocate to its new location after the summer.

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