News - May 30, 2012

Twelfth Night

The Wageningen student acting club Pierrot et Colombine will stage Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in the Junushoff theatre on Thursday and Friday.

This branch society of Ceres puts up a performance every year in the Junushoff and has chosen one of Shakespeare's comedies this year. 'The membership of Ceres has grown, bringing with it more new talents,' says Marit Noest, committee member of Peirrot et Colombine. 'As such, we have attempted to incorporate various disciplines into the play. Twelfth Night is a love story with a lot of music and humour.
The play is directed by Wouter Ribbels and his assistant and ex-member Hans Frijters. After graduating from his study in Wageningen, Frijters went on to do a directing study, and returns now to his roots.
The play is about a brother and a sister who are stranded on the same island after a shipwreck, each not knowing what has become of the other. Viola, the sister, dons man's clothes and obtains a job as page boy in the court of Duke Orsino.
Find out how the story goes. Tickets are available at the Junushoff for 13.50 euros or for 10 euros with a student pass or culture youth pass.