News - November 18, 2009

Thieves in the Forum

There has been theft in the Forum. Students are not aware enough of the risks. It is hard to keep check on the whole building.

A fast-working thief has been at work in the Forum on the Wageningen campus. The first time it was during the lunch break and a purse, an Ipod and a digital camera were stolen from a classroom.  A couple of days later a telephone was taken from a prep room on the eighth floor.
  Manager Ludy Zeeuwen has no idea who could be behind the thefts. 'The Forum is an open building, and that is how we want it. But it does mean anyone can come in. It is mainly students and teachers who come in, but there are also visitors, suppliers and maintenance people. You can't tell who has bad intentions. From the bridges you have a good view of the foyers. And you can easily see if a group leaves a classroom.'   
  Students are a bit easygoing about leaving their belongings, says Zeeuwen: 'The message is: Don't leave your belongings unattended. Not even just for the break. And if something is stolen from you, report it to the police. Tell us at the reception desk in the Forum too. We can look at our camera footage, and if we notice anything on it we'll take it to the police.'