News - February 9, 2012

‘They were extremely aggressive'

Who? Lorenzo Locci, studies Plant biotechnology
What? Got beaten up by a group of guys near his student flat in Wageningen.
Why? Because he's gay
When? Saturday 21 January

Reports in the news suggested it was a mugging. What really happened?
‘My boyfriend Andrea came to visit me that weekend. We drank some beers in the city centre. On our way back home we were attacked by four guys of about seventeen years old. They also stole my bag, but that was not their intention at first. They were really aggressive and beat and kicked us.'
How did they know you were gay?
‘We don't really look straight. You know, well dressed. And we were pushing each other and playing around. Walking with our arms around each other's shoulders. When they insulted us for being gay I turned around and said: I'm gay, what's your problem?'
How are you now?
‘Physically we are fine. We both had bruises and a sore back. Andrea had to get stiches above his eye. I still live in Dijkgraaf where my corridor mates have been really nice. I have no intention of moving away from here. In Italy we are used to this kind of incident, unfortunately.'