News - May 16, 2013


'You'll be able to tell your grandchildren later that you were the first students to be taught in Orion,' jokes ecology lecturer Elmer Veenendaal on Monday morning, 6 May.

The large lecture hall is not fully open and that takes some getting used to. The wooden wall, which is intended to enable the hall to be split into two, prevents the students on one side from being able to see or hear the students on the other side.
Underneath the lecture hall is the canteen and the 'largest student bar in Wageningen'. Orion has its own caterer, OSP. You can also get Chinese takeaways, just like in Forum.
Orion is slightly taller than Forum, 48 metres compared with 44 metres. Orion is the third monolith to appear on campus after Atlas (2006) and Forum (2007). The fourth Helix for food scientists is scheduled for 2015.