News - December 2, 2010

The best is yet to come

--story of Holland-Sino Dinner
Previously in last week's blog, I mentioned I will tell you something more about Mr. S today.

My homemade-style dish - Fried broccoli with shrimp
Mr. S is 79 years old, a former manager who worked in a big Dutch company. When he was young, he ever left home to study in a monastery school, which I think influenced him a lot in the life. He's smart and his hard-working paid him back with a successful career. Now he lives with his wife, Cato. Somehow Mr. S doesn't smile a lot, but he has a special sense of humor, I always get some unexpected enlightenment from him.
How could I meet this couple? Here's the story.
Two weeks after the semester began in September, A notice was posted on Dijkgraaf's bulletin board - a 'Recruitment for eating-partners'. What a fabulous idea! Great minds think alike! Such an idea did lie in the womb of my mind for a long time. This time someone took an earlier action to win this laurel of mastermind. 'Eating fresh, few-salt, green food' was the prior criteria for the candidates. 'Isn't it my eating style?' thought I when staring at that notice, 'How could I miss such a creative offer?!' I sent my application to the nominated email address as soon as I went back home. Two days later, I got a reply from Mr. B. Who's he?  He's the initiator who came up with this 'helemaal goede' idea and a son of Mr. S (Mr. S has seven children in total). He asked me to wait for the final announcement till the end of September.
Actually, there's no further reply until I sent another email on October 10 th . At this time, he invited me for a visit, kind of an interview.
There was another beautiful girl showed up on that interview night. It was a nice meeting. I think my first-impression was not bad because two weeks later I got Mr. B's confirmation that I was accepted! Oh yeah! And that Dutch beauty will be another 'chef', we're in charge of one dinner respectively
Finally, this fantastic trueman show in reality raised its curtain on October 26 th .
Now this project has been running for over one month. There are so many interesting moments on this dinner table, I should make a collection of quotation some other day. 'Mr. S, how does Blanke Vla taste?' I asked him, 'Just like the vanilla vla without the taste of vanilla~' What a wonderful metaphor he made! Thanks Mr. S, you give me a third eye to observe the world.
However, it's just begun, the best is yet to come. Stay tuned, see you next week.
Music: I love Yael Naïm's New Soul crazily, it reminds to stay hungry stay foolish. ^_^