News - January 31, 2008


The new ISOW tango lessons have attracted large numbers of students. ‘At the moment we have up to forty people. It’s quite crowded; I didn’t expect so much interest!’ mails the teacher, Hana Licenikova, a Czech student doing a double masters in Wageningen and Prague. ‘I discovered tango argentino in 2000 in France and fell in love with it immediately.

Couple dancing the tango
In 2004 I fulfilled my dream and went to Buenos Aires, the Mecca of tango.’ When asked how long it takes to get the basics she replies: ‘Well I don’t want to discourage our students, but to enjoy the dance you need at least six months to a year… it depends on the individual. The man leads in the tango and is responsible for the choreography, and at the same time he has to cope with other couples dancing around, so it’s double work.’ Hana will be teaching the class until June when José, the teacher from last year, returns to Wageningen.