News - March 16, 2018

Students want to join Wageningen municipal council on 21 March (video)

Stijn van Gils,Kenneth van Zijl

Nearly every party has a student on their electorate for the municipal elections next week. Resource asked about their points of view, but also why they want to enter politics.

In the next few days, Resource will publish three videos in which these students will explain what they stand for and what they want to change about Wageningen to improve the city. In the first video, we looked at their motivations.

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Not everyone stands as candidate
On a side note: not all students stand as candidates. If you would like them to be elected, you can express a preferential vote. Below are the students in the highest spots for each party.

List 1 – D66, Wim Verhagen, 13th on the list (currently 5 seats in the coalition).

List 2 – GroenLinks, Rosanne Groot, 7th on the list (currently 5 seats in the coalition).

List 3 – Stadspartij Wageningen, Lara Minnaard, 5th on the list (recently graduated, currently 5 seats in the coalition).

List 4 – Partij van de Arbeid, Jan Daenen, 5th on the list (currently 3 seats).

List 5 – CDA, no student on the list; Peter van Beveren (16th on the list) is finishing his PhD here (currently 2 seats).

List 6 – VVD, Casper van Waarbeek, 4th on the list (currently 2 seats).

List 7 – SP, Anne Walther, 3rd on the list (currently 2 seats).

List 8 – ChristenUnie, Gersom van der Elst, 3rd on the list (currently 1 seat).

List 9 – Connect Wageningen, Mark Reijerman, 1st on the list (no seats); the video features Sven Alkemade, who is in 3rd place.

More information on the municipal elections (partly in Dutch):